Guide to Hungarian Wine Regions

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There are 37 protected areas in Hungary: 31 of them are PDOs and six of them are PGIs. The 31 PDO zones include the 22 wine regions of Hungary (all bear a PDO status), two large geographical areas (with several PDOs within them), and seven sub-regions.

Balaton PGI

Includes nine PDOs and the Balatonmelléki PGI within it

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Balatonmelléki PGI

Since the Balaton PGI was approved, this PGI has not been used much.

  • Balatonboglár PDO (2,800 hectares) mainly produces bulk sparkling and still wines
  • Badacsony PDO (1,430 hectares) is one of the top volcanic regions of the country.
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  • Balatonfüred-Csopak PDO (1,640 hectares) is a top region for Olaszrizling.
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  • Balaton-felvidék PDO (1,031 hectares) is a good value region, producing mostly whites.
  • Tihany PDO (95 hectares) is Hungary’s smallest wine appellation.
  • Káli PDO (453 hectares) is a sub-region of the three northern Balaton PDOs.
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  • Zala PDO (671 hectares) is located west of Lake Balaton.
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  • Nagy Somló PDO (442 hectares) is a region grouping three uncontinuous hills.
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  • Somló PDO (326 hectares) is a sub-region of the Nagy Somló PDO; it comprises one of the hills.
Mátra wine region

Felső-Magyarország PGI

This is “Upper-Hungary,” the area surrounding the Mátra, Bükk, and Eger regions.

  • Debrői Hárslevelű PDO (940 hectares) is a sub-region of the Eger PDO, only for white wines from the Hárslevelű grape.
  • Bükk PDO (1,150 hectares) is a region with great potential, but is not highly cultivated.
  • Mátra PDO (5,470 hectares) is the second largest wine region of the country
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  • Eger PDO (5,160 hectares) is home of the famous Bull’s Blood red wine, and the newer Egri Csillag white blend.
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Traditional cellar row in Hercegkút, in the Tokaj wine region

Zemplén PGI

This is the area surrounding the Tokaji region.

  • Tokaj PDO (5,155 hectares) is Hungary’s oldest historical wine region, famous for its botrytized sweet wine, Tokaji aszú.
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Photo credit: Szentpéteri Borpince (Facebook page)

Duna-Tisza közé PGI

This is the area between the rivers Tisza and Danube. It is flat land with sandy soil, which is the best combination for producing easy-going, bulk wine.

  • Duna PDO is a huge area, a bit smaller than the Duna-Tisza közé PGI, but similar.
  • Csongrád PDO (2,600 hectares) has an extreme continental climate, with the highest average temperature of the country.
  • Hajos-Baja PDO (2,150 hectares) has soil that is between the sand of Kunság and the loess of Szekszárd. It produces easy-going, cheap, aromatic white wines.
  • Kunság PDO (23,300 hectares) is Hungary’s largest wine producing area.
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  • Izsáki Arany Sárfehér (3,800 hectares) is a sub-region of the Kunság PDO, only for white wines from the Arany Sárfehér grape, near the town of Izsák.
  • Monor PDO (340 hectares) is a sub-region of the Kunság PDO.
  • Soltvadkerti Ezerjó PDO is a sub-region of the Kunság PDO. Only for whites and sparklings made from Ezerjó, near the town of Soltvadkert.

Dunántúl PGI

This is the area west of the Danube river.

  • Pannon PDO encompasses other four PDO regions, and is the area south of the Balaton PGI and west of the Danube.
  • Pécs PDO (720 hectares) lives in the shadow of Villány, and has good value medium body reds.
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  • Szekszárd PDO (1,620 hectares) also produces the Bull’s Blood red wine blend.
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  • Tolna PDO (1,950 hectares) lives in the shadow of Szekszárd, and has good value light reds.
  • Villány PDO (1,620 hectares) is the premium red wine region of Hungary.
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    • Etyek-Buda PDO (1,410 hectares) is known for its sparkling wines, and charming cellar rows.
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  • Neszmély PDO (1,355 hectares) is near the Danube, and focuses on international grape varieties.
  • Mór PDO (650 hectares) is the spiritual home of the Ezerjó grape variety.
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  • Pannonhalma PDO (596 hectares) is one of the first wine regions of Hungary.
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  • Sopron PDO (1,615 hectares) is near the Austrian border, specializing in light reds from Kékfrankos.
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