Taste Hungary Wine Clubs

The Taste Hungary Wine Clubs are tasting (and educational) adventures into the world of Hungarian wine. Through our regular curated shipments of small-batch wines, you’ll get to experience just how exciting Hungarian wine is from your own home—whether you live in Hungary, the EU, or the US. We taste hundreds of Hungarian wines every year, and the ones we choose for the wine club shipments tell unique stories, which we hope will transport you to Hungary. These are wines with personalities, made by passionate family producers. We know these regions, wines, and winemakers well. We visit them regularly, and taste wine with them from the barrel, in their cellars, and often at home with their families. We already sell them at The Tasting Table Budapest, and we love bringing travelers to visit them. With each shipment we’ll guide you through the history, geology, regional characteristics, varietals, and styles, and most importantly, the stories, of Hungarian wine.

Connecting Wine Lovers With Hungary’s Unique Small Batch Wines


  • Unique, high quality wines, mostly from smaller and family-owned producers, which we’ve specially chosen for club members
  • Great wines at great prices. We directly import all of the wines sold in the US, and wines sold in Europe come straight from our Budapest shop.
  • Our educational packet—recipe pairings, tasting notes, maps, and information on the regions, varietals, and winemakers—is included with each shipment.
  • A steady supply of Hungarian wine shipments delivered to your door throughout the year! Each shipment has a unifying theme (such as focus on a particular region, soil type, winemaker, varietal, or a contrast between styles/regions/varietals).
  • A complimentary wine tasting at The Tasting Table in Budapest