Six Places to Day Drink In Budapest

Day drinking isn’t just for degenerates, miscreants, and stag parties; it can also be a sign of a person who takes pleasure in a bit of transgressive but legal fun. It is possible to get classily slos...

Dill Power: The Benefits of Drinking Pickle Juice

You know it’s summer when you see jars of kovászos dill pickles fermenting in sunny window sills. That summery pickle flavor can also come in the form of a drink, concocted with the juice from the pic...

The “Drinking Cure”: Mineral Water Straight from The Source in Budapest

The variety of bottled water available in Hungarian shops is wide to the point of being bewildering, but mineral water doesn’t only come bottled. You can get an even more intense mineral water by goin...

Budapest Dive Bar Confidential

udapest is a drinking city, with some very good dive bars. To help you cut to the chase when it comes to finding some divey fun, we have compiled a list of some of the best Budapest has to offer.

Unicum: Hungarian History in a Glass

Unicum is a national institution in Hungary, and has a long history that in some ways mirrors the history of modern Hungary itself.

How To Buy Homemade Pálinka (and Why You Should)

We’re not saying it’s a good idea to buy under-the-counter pálinka, but if that’s what you want, you should know how to go about getting it.

Bookish in Buda: Literary Cafés of Budapest

With cafés like Centrál and New York giving shelter and comfort to writers of the famous Nyugat movement of Hungarian writing, you can’t talk about a classic Hungarian café without mentioning the writ...

Elegy to Zsiros Kenyér: A Good-bye to Budapest’s Classic Pub Grub

In Budapest, some dishes go out of style, only to be re-introduced years later as more expensive ‘retro’ fare. It also happens that some dishes disappear not to be seen again.

Dog Tongues and Ink: Historic Literary Coffeehouses in Budapest

If nostalgia had a taste, it would be that of a bitter, robust sip of coffee served at Centrál Café, or one of the other coffee houses in Budapest.

Third Wave Coffee in Budapest

Hungary's love of coffee is grounded in history. And gourmet java lovers have plenty of cafes where they gather to sip their favorite bitter brew.

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