Thursdays @The Tasting Table

Our bi-weekly speakeasy-style winemaker dinners are held in our open-kitchen and feature delicious food and a range of wines presented by a guest winemaker.


  • Plenty of wine (6 types)

  • Full dinner

  • Features a different local wine personality every time

Tasting Notes

  • Full 3-4 course dinner prepared by our chef

  • 6 glasses of wine

Event Details

  • Duration: 3 hours

  • Most dietary restrictions can be accommodated (if we know in advance)

  • Held every other Thursday at 7pm

  • Communal seating in our old brick wine cellar

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Bi-Weekly Dinner Series Featuring Local Wine Personalities

Our Thursdays @The Tasting Table dinner series is our chance to introduce you to some of the fascinating people who we cross paths with while exploring the region’s food and wine. We invite them into our open kitchen to cook, or into our tasting room to pour and discuss their wines.

Our guest hosts can include chefs, winemakers, authors, sommeliers, photographers, food enthusiasts, or others who have something to share. It’s a unique opportunity to learn about Hungarian wine and food from local experts.

These casual evenings have somewhat of a speakeasy vibe, with everyone gathering around big communal tables and food served family-style. Wine is poured generously, and the events are all about enjoying great food and wine in the company of people who like to share their passions.

These dinners tend to sell out quickly … book in advance!

Upcoming WInemaker Dinners

Thursday August 15
Erzsébet Winery (Tokaj Region)

Though Tokaj is famed for its sweet wines, it’s a region with more intricacies than practically any other region in the world. It’s also becoming increasingly appreciated for its dry furmints, and Erzsébet Pince makes some of the best! Our guests tonight will be Hajni Pracser from Erzsébet Pince, and her husband Ronn Wiegand MW MS. Hajni is one of the best people from Tokaj to explain the deep layers of detail, which have been evolving over centuries. And Ronn is a Master of Wine and a Master Sommelier—two of the world’s most esteemed wine credentials—who lives in Tokaj and is an advisor for Erzsébet Pince. Erzsébet is one of Tokaj’s leading small wineries. It’s a true family-affair, run by Hajni, her brother (Miki), and their parents. While Hajni sells the wine, Miki is busy in the mould-covered cellar making the wine, and their parents (Miklós Sr. and Erzsébet) reign over the vineyards. Join us for dinner with Hajni and Ronn as they tell Tokaj stories and share their wonderful wines.

Cold bell pepper soup with grilled sausage
Beef stew with mushrooms and egg barley
Plum tart

6 Erzsébet wines

Thursday August 29
Somlói Vándor (Somló Region)

We first met Tamás Kis several years ago when he was an assistant winemaker at St. Andrea Winery in Eger. As he masterfully discussed the Eger region, he revealed his dream of starting a boutique cellar in a very different wine region. He wanted to make wine in Somló—his favorite region in Hungary—and it didn’t take him too long to realize his dream. He split his time between Somló and Eger for years, which is how he came up with his winery’s name—Somlói Vándor translates as “The Wanderer of Somló.” He made his first barrel of wine in Somló in 2010 and when he released his first wine, it immediately made it to 7th place on the list of the 100 best Hungarian wines that year. Tamás now has about 3.5 hectares in Somló, and has started to farm his vineyards organically. Somló is Hungary’s second smallest wine region, and it pretty much comprises one vineyard-covered hill. Join us to learn about this undiscovered terroir with winemaker Tamás Kis, while tasting wines from his portfolio.

Goat cheese with roasted beets, grapes, and greens
Duck confit with cabbage dumplings
Pear and chocolate pie

6 Somlói Vándor wines

Thursday September 12
Tamás Kovács (Alföld Region)

The Hungarian Great Plain (Alföld) is home to a lot of Hungary’s agricultural activity. This includes winemaking, which has long been an important part of the local life. Many families have either small plots of land with vineyards—or else just backyards planted with vines—and they make just enough wine to keep the family happy. This region is also home to some of Hungary’s largest wineries, which produce easy-drinking wines. The Alföld region already makes great value wines, and though it is not one of Hungary’s most-talked-about regions, it is home to some talented young winemakers and has great potential. This region also has plenty of unique culinary traditions, and our menu tonight will feature some of the region’s beloved dishes!

Grilled pepper salad
Slambuc with pork knuckle and lecsó
Apricot jam roll

6 wines from the Alföld

Thursday September 26
Sebestyén Winery (Szekszárd Region)

Csilla and Csaba Sebestyén, our guests this evening, came to winemaking through other very different careers. Now work on about 12.5 hectares of vineyards, and make some of Szekszárd’s top wines. The siblings are the first generation of their family to be involved in the wine business, but they have made big names for themselves in this up-and-coming region. They focus on reds (Kékfrankos, Kadarka, and some blends) as do all winemakers in the region. However, they do make a lovely Cserszegi Fűszeres and Rosé. Join us for some great wine, food, and insight into Szekszárd.

Cold pepper soup with grilled sausage
Beef stew with mushrooms and egg barley
Artisan cheese plate
Plum tart

6 Sebestyén wines

Thursday October 10
Kovács Nimród Winery (Eger Region)

Nimród Kovács, a Hungarian-American businessman, entrepreneur, and winemaker in Eger, is our guest tonight. Eger produces a good variety of whites (including Furmint, Chardonnay, and the Egri Csillag blend), but is best known for its signature Bull’s Blood blend (Egri Bikavér). Nimród will bring a number of his iconic wines, including a Bikavér. His winery is now around 30 hectares, and he is one of the region’s pioneers. He is also the most active winery from Eger on the international market. We’ll learn about the Eger terroir, the variety of wines produced there, and the winemaking history. Join us to taste these special wines in the company of Nimród, along with a wonderful meal prepared by chef Tamás.

Rabbit soup with root vegetables, tarragon, and sour cream
Game stew with mushrooms and red wine sauce, with bread dumplings
Plum jam bukta (pastry)

6 Kovács Nimród wines

Thursday October 24
Karádi-Berger Winery (Tokaj Region)

Husband and wife team Zsolt Berger and Szilvia Karádi run the small Karádi – Berger Winery in the village of Erdőbénye in the Tokaj region. The winery focuses on dry wines like the single varietal Furmints from the Palandor and Narancsi vineyards. And they are one of the few wineries to still regularly produce dry Szamorodni, a wine reminiscent of a fine Jura or a dry sherry. It’s a must-taste wine for anyone who enjoys discovering truly unique wines. Made from a mix of regular grapes and botrytised grapes, the fermentation under flor and the lengthy aging give it an interesting spectrum of yeasty and toasty flavors and an intense aroma of fresh green walnuts. Zsolt’s dry Szamorodni is as traditional as they come. This style of wine has been neglected for decades, but as you’ll taste, there is a good reason for bringing it back (and we are so glad that Zsolt is making this wine!). Join us to hear the story of Zsolt’s winery, the terroir of the vineyards around Erdőbénye, and how he makes these wonderful wines.

Guinea fowl consommé
Mangalica pork roast with Furmint sauce, mashed potatoes, and leeks
Chestnut purée

6 Karádi-Berger wines

Thursday November 7
Jackfall Winery (Villány Region)

Tonight we welcome Jandrasics Gábor, owner of the Jackfall Winery as our guest. The name Jackfall is actually the old Swabian name of the Kisjakabfalva village, located in the Villány region. The region’s modern wine culture goes back to the German-speaking settlers sent here in the 1700s by Maria Theresa. Founded in 2001, the winery now works on more than 13 hectares of vineyards. This southernmost Hungarian wine region is known for its elegant full-bodied red wines, particularly Bordeaux varietals and blends. Jackfall produces about 100,000 bottles of wine annually, in a wide range of styles from light chardonnay and crisp rosé to elegant Portugieser and heavier reds like Cabernets and Merlots. Join us for an evening of good food, prepared bny chef Tamás, and Villány wines from Jackfall!

Salad with smoked goose breast
Goose leg confit with sautéed red cabbage and layered potatoes
Ludláb torta (“goose foot” cake)

6 Jackfall wines

Thursday November 21
Coming Soon …this will be a very special guest, who you will not want to miss!

Thursday November 28
Thanksgiving dinner

Though Thanksgiving is not celebrated in Hungary, every year we celebrate this favorite American holiday with a Hungarian-inspired family-style Thanksgiving dinner, paired a selection of the six Hungarian wines which we are most thankful for. Our sommelier will tell stories about the wines which we will be tasting, illuminating the regions and the people who produced them.

Smoked trout dip
Roasted organic chicken, sweet potato puree, Brussels sprouts, potato gratin, green beans with bacon, and cranberry sauce
Medlar pie

6 of the wines which we are most thankful for

Thursday December 5
Szabolcs Újfalussy from Oremus Winery (Tokaj Region)

If you are a fan of Tokaj (or if you are not a fan yet, but want a crash course), this is an evening you will not want to miss. Our guest, Szabolcs Újfalussy, is from the Oremus Winery, one of Tokaj’s greatest wineries. Szabolcs is also one of the best Tokaj educators we know, and this evening will be a masterclass in the wines of this world-renowned region. In addition to tasting some outstanding wines, we’ll learn about the region’s history, production, terroir, and people. Oremus (which is owned by Vega Sicilia) is a benchmark winery in Tokaj. It was one of the pioneers in the early 1990s to start building a serious international brand and to start making quality wines again in Tokaj. Their Mandolás Furmint and their creamy, rich and perfectly-balanced aszús are amongst the best sweet wines in the world. Their 500 year old cellar system is one of the biggest in Tokaj. Join us for this unforgettable evening!

Chicken liver parfait, salad and baguette
Roasted pork loin with red wine sauce, potatoes, and wild mushrooms
Zserbó cake

6 Oremus wines

Thursday December 19
Christmas Dinner

As the year ends, we look back on all of the wonderful wines that we’ve been lucky enough to taste this past year. And we also start to think about which wines we will uncork for family and friends over the holidays! Tonight the Tasting Table sommeliers will be presenting their favorite wines from the past year, and we’ll pair them with chef Tamás’ Christmas menu. We’ll discuss these traditional Christmas specialties, as well as Hungarian holiday traditions. Join us to discover some new wines, and take some home for your own Christmas festivities!

Wine soup, with cheese, croutons, and grape jelly (a Hungarian Christmas tradition!)
Catfish paprikás with túrós csusza (curd cheese pasta)
Poppyseed dumplings with vanilla custard

6 Favorite wines chosen by the Tasting Table staff

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