Wine Dinners @The Tasting Table

Our speakeasy-style wine dinners are held in our open-kitchen and feature delicious food, fine local wine, and great conversation.


  • Plenty of wine (6 types)

  • Full dinner

  • A different theme each time

Tasting Notes

  • Full 4 course dinner prepared by chef Tamás Laczi

  • 6 glasses of wine

Event Details

  • Duration: 3 hours

  • Most dietary restrictions can be accommodated (if we know in advance)

  • Held on select Thursdays at 7pm

  • Communal seating in our old brick wine cellar. Limited to 24 participants.

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Dinner Series at The Tasting Table

Explore the region’s food and wine with us during our dinner series. These casual evenings have somewhat of a speakeasy vibe, with everyone gathering around our two big communal tables. While chef Tamás Laczi does his magic in our open kitchen, wine is poured generously. These Thursday evenings are all about enjoying great food, wine, and company.

Upcoming Dinners

Homage to George Láng: A Dinner Inspired by Láng’s Recipes
October 20 @7pm

The late George Lang is one of our biggest kitchen heroes, and his Cuisine of Hungary is a constant and well-worn companion. “There may be somebody in Hungary or elsewhere who knows more than George Lang about the cuisine of Hungary, but I doubt it,” writes Joseph Wechsberg in the preface of this brilliant book on the history of Hungarian cuisine. The book was first published in the US—where Láng eventually emigrated, after escaping from a labor camp and losing both of his parents in Auschwitz—in 1971. 

Lang’s life story (which has tells in another book called Nobody Knows The Truffles I’ve Seen) reads like a fast-paced screenplay. He arrived in New York with dreams of becoming a concert violinist. Instead, he became the man who “creates restaurants”. He helped build landmark restaurants such as The Four Seasons, The Waldorf Astoria, and his own Café Des Artistes. In 1992 he returned to Budapest to renovate and reopen the famous Gundel restaurant. 

This dinner is to honor Láng, and his masterpiece of a book, which was published 51 years ago! Chef Tamás Láczi will prepare a feast based on recipes from the book, paired with six wines from our collection, and a discussion about Láng’s life, work, legacy, and the featured dishes and wine pairings. 

Páloc Soup
Fogas (Pike perch) Gundel Style
Layered Cabbage Teleki Style
Palacsinta Gundel Style
Fresh Fruit and Cheese

Thankfully the wines in Hungary are much improved since Láng wrote his book, but we’ll choose wine pairings based on what Láng might have chosen.

St. Márton’s Day – Bring on the goose (and the wine)!
November 10 @7pm

“He who doesn’t eat goose on St. Márton’s Day will go hungry all year” 

“St. Márton is the judge of new wine” 

Join us for an epic goose feast (accompanied by some of the season’s new wine) to toast to the feast day of Saint Márton! Márton, a devout hermit, was born in the Roman province of Pannonia. Legend holds that when he was asked to become the Bishop of Tours he refused, hid in a goose pen, and slaughtered  one of the geese after their squawking gave away his hiding place. That’s why it has been a Hungarian tradition to mark the day by eating goose. And since Márton’s feast day coincides with the release of the season’s new wine, it’s a perfect excuse to sample it along with the goose! 

Chef Tamás Láczi will prepare a four-course meal (centered around the goose main course), paired with six wines from our collection. Menu TBA soon. 

Thanksgiving – Our Annual American/Hungarian Thanksgiving Celebration
November 24 @7pm

Our annual Thanksgiving meal—now in this seventh edition—is one of the highlights of our year at at The Tasting Table! Though Thanksgiving is decidedly not a Hungarian holiday, we bring a hearty dose of Americana to the Tasting Table when we celebrate this American holiday. Dinner will be a feast based on the classic favorite American dishes—one of Tasting Table’s co-founders is American—but with plenty of our own Hungarian touches. 

Chef Tamás Láczi will prepare the meal, which will be paired with six wines and a digestif from our collection. Menu TBA soon. 

Christmas Fish Feast 
December 15 @7pm

The Karácsony season—with its markets, and mulled wine and bejgli aplenty— culminates in the Christmas Eve dinner, lighting of the tree, and arrival of Jézuska and the angels with gifts for the children. The Hungarian Christmas dinner is all about fish—typically starting with the famous Hungarian fish soup (halászlé). Our Christmas at the Tasting Table will be a feast of fish dishes, prepared by chef Tamás Láczi. It will be paired with six wines and a digestif from our collection. Menu TBA soon. 

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