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Our mission of introducing you to new ideas, flavors, and stories about Hungarian culinary culture continues with ourFacebook live events.

  • Friday Night Facebook Live From Budapest: Normally we have our bi-weekly winemaker dinners at The Tasting Table, but now we are inviting winemakers to meet us online instead. Pour yourself a glass of whatever you have on hand, or order the wines in advance to taste along with us (available in Hungary and Europe). Orders for Budapest delivery should be placed at least 48 hours in advance (free delivery, if you order 6+ bottles)! Orders for the rest of Europe should be placed at least a week in advance (see the shipping charges). Buy the wines here
  • Saturday Night Facebook Live From The US: Gábor will continue his weekly Facebook live get-togethers at Saturday evenings, featuring different guests and themes. If you are in the US and want to drink a glass of Hungarian wine along with the show, you can order here!

Want to watch our previous tastings? They are archived here!

Upcoming Virtual Hungarian Wine Experiences:

Tasting with the Winemaker: Tamás Kis (Somló and Zala)

July 3rd @7pm CET Facebook live @TasteHungary

Tamás produces wine in two unique regions of Hungary: Somló and Zala. We’ll taste two of his whites from Somló and one red from Zala.

  • Somlói Vandor Winery, Hárslevelű 2018
  • Somlói Vandor Winery, Olaszrizling 2018
  • Bussay Winery, Charmes Pinot Noir 2017

Price of the three-pack: 11,500 HUF * (Available in Europe)

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Tasting with the Winemaker: Hajni Szabo (Füleky, Tokaj)

July 10th @7pm CET Facebook live @TasteHungary

Hajni is the Marketing and Sales director of Füleky winery, located in the town of Bodrogkeresztúr in Tokaj wine region. We will be focusing on the dry wines from the winery.

  • Füleky Winery, Úrágya Hárslevelû 2017
  • Füleky Winery, Vinnai Kabar 2017
  • Füleky Winery, Dry Furmint 2014

Price of the three-pack: 14,000 HUF * (Available in Europe)

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A Conversation with Hajni Pracser, from Erzsébet Winery

July 11th @4pm EST – Facebook live @TasteHungary

Erzsébet Winery is one of our favorite family-owned small wineries in Tokaj. We’ve been bringing tours there for years, and we are so happy to be selling their wines in the US! Hajni Prácser, who runs Erzsébet Pince with her brother and parents, is one of the best people from Tokaj to explain the Tokaj terroir. We’ll be discussing Hajni’s winery, and and winemaking in the region.

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Tasting with the Winemaker: Auguszta Cseri (Pannonhalma)

July 17th @7pm CET Facebook live @TasteHungary

Auguszta is the second generation of the family-owned Cseri winery, located in the exciting and fairly unknown Pannonhalma region of northwest Hungary. They produce a wide range of wine and have a special range dedicated to the Riesling grape. Exciting wines and great people!

  • Cseri Winery, II Secundus, Rajnai Rizling 2019
  • Cseri Winery, Tramini 2018
  • Cseri Winery, Kékfrankos 2017

Price of the three-pack: 10,800 HUF * (Available in Europe)

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Tasting of Tokaj wine styles

July 18th @7pm EST – Facebook live @TasteHungary

The Tokaj region produces a range of wine styles—most famously the golden-colored, complex Tokaji Aszú—from its indigenous grapes. Join Gábor to taste three styles: a dry Furmint, sweet Szamorodni, and a 5 puttonyos Aszú.

Price of the three-pack: $89 USD

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Tasting with the Winemaker: Endre Szászi (Badacsony)

July 24th @7pm CET Facebook live @TasteHungary

Endre Szászi Jr. is the second generation of the family-owned Szászi winery, located on Badacsony’s Szent György hill. Lake Balaton wines have a special character, and when they come from volcanic soils, such as Badacsony, they are simple unforgettable.

  • Szászi, Szigligeti Olasrizling 2018
  • Szászi, Rózsakö 2018
  • Szászi, Vulcanus 2015

Price of the three-pack: 10,800 HUF * (Available in Europe)

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