An ode to that infamous bottom-shelf Bull’s Blood, and all the others that followed

My journey with Hungarian wine began with a bottle of Hungary's most infamous wine, picked from the bottom shelf of a convenience store. Since then it has taken off in many directions ...

Eating gulyas in Hungary_Taste Hungary

Gulyás: The Ultimate Hungarian Soup (Recipe)

Gulyás is the one Hungarian dish that most people think they know. But their imagination of gulyás rarely resembled the real Hungarian thing.

Socially Distanced in Budapest: Christian’s Story

While Taste Hungary and The Tasting Table are closed due to the Coronavirus, some of our team members will be checking in here with updates about they are managing work and life.

150 Years of Hungarian History, Told Through Wine Labels

Tracing Hungary’s history through wine labels.

Watch Hungarian Films (In English) Online

Many Hungarian classic films, and some newer releases, are available to stream online. Open a bottle of Hungarian wine and dig into some Hungarian film history!

Films with Locations in the Palace District

There is something both very particular, yet very universal about Budapest that makes it a perfect stand-in location on film for many other cities. And District VIII is being increasingly discovered a...

Hollywood on the Danube

if you haven’t had a chance to come to Budapest in person, it is likely you are familiar with it to some degree from the silver screen. Budapest has hosted so many large-budget (read: Hollywood) films...

The Last Pho: Eating in Budapest in the Time of Coronavirus

I was hungry, but I guiltily kept walking, on my way to stock up on cleaning supplies. I am sure I’m not the only one who has performed this kind of quick calculation: weighing the options between sup...

The Drinker’s Guide to Hungarikums

There is always something delicious (and local) to drink in Hungary. The drinks that inspire the most pride in Hungary have also been named Hungarikums.

The Eater’s Guide to Hungarikums

If you spend time in Hungary, sooner or later you’ll hear talk of ‘Hungarikums.’ As any traveler will quickly learn, Hungarians are proud (and fiercely protective) of their natural treasures, achievem...

Understanding Tokaj

This guide will help you understand some of the essential Tokaji concepts, decode the important vocabulary you will find on a bottle of wine from Tokaj, and just generally put the nuances of the regio...

Dobos Torta: Hungary’s Iconic Layered Beauty (With a Recipe)

In a country renowned for its beautiful baked goods, the glistening and golden-tinted Dobos torta is arguably Hungary’s most famous layer cake.

Gyula Krúdy: Hungary’s Gourmet Writer

Hungarian food is closely tied in with the country’s literature, and perhaps no other writer captures the romance of the early-20th-century Budapest café society and the magic of Hungarian food better...

Jókai Bean Soup: Steamy Romance In A Bowl

You can see why Jokai was so taken with the soup. Jókai bableves has a rich, nourishing flavor that intoxicates and demands to be overindulged in. The meal is hearty in the truest sense of the word. W...

How to Deliver Túró Rudi to a Friend

Túró Rudi is one of those acquired tastes, but once acquired, impossible to shake.

Taste Hungary 10.0

For Taste Hungary’s 10th birthday, I’ve looked back at some of the key moments of our first decade and some of the things I’m most grateful for … one for each year.

Hungary’s Unique Szilveszter (New Year’s) Traditions and Superstitions

In Hungary, you’d be doing yourself a disservice for the rest of the year if you didn’t eat plenty of lentils to ring in the new year.

A Comeback to Hanukkah

The way that celebrating Hanukkah shifted from being a big social event to an intimate family gathering, as it is today, shows how Jews regained their religious consciousness. The importance of food a...

Tokaji Aszú: The Story of The World’s Oldest Sweet Wine

A bottle of Tokaji aszú holds deep history, fascinating myths, much hard work, centuries of passion, and plenty of sheer luck.

The Humbling Experience of a Tokaji Aszú Harvest

In Tokaj the grapes are harvested several times, to make wines of varying levels of sweetness. If the noble rot has developed there will be an aszú harvest in which the berries are selected by hand, o...

Unicum: Hungarian History in a Glass

Unicum is a national institution in Hungary, and has a long history that in some ways mirrors the history of modern Hungary itself.

Flódni: The Four Act Pastry

Flódni is a traditional Hungarian Jewish confection. With fillings of poppy, walnut, apple, and plum jam, separated by five layers of sweet pastry, its flavors of tart, bitter, and sweet meld together...

How To Buy Homemade Pálinka (and Why You Should)

We’re not saying it’s a good idea to buy under-the-counter pálinka, but if that’s what you want, you should know how to go about getting it.

Bookish in Buda: Literary Cafés of Budapest

With cafés like Centrál and New York giving shelter and comfort to writers of the famous Nyugat movement of Hungarian writing, you can’t talk about a classic Hungarian café without mentioning the writ...

Land of Fire and Salt: Hungary’s Volcanic Wine Regions

Imagine a landscape with numerous giant volcanoes spewing out lava and ash and a receding, bubbling inland sea. This was Hungary ten or fifteen million years ago.

Elegy to Zsiros Kenyér: A Good-bye to Budapest’s Classic Pub Grub

In Budapest, some dishes go out of style, only to be re-introduced years later as more expensive ‘retro’ fare. It also happens that some dishes disappear not to be seen again.

Hungarian Stuffed Cabbage: The Wedding Gift You Didn’t Know You Wanted

More than fortification for the coming party, the midnight cabbage represents a kind refusal to give in.

Dog Tongues and Ink: Historic Literary Coffeehouses in Budapest

If nostalgia had a taste, it would be that of a bitter, robust sip of coffee served at Centrál Café, or one of the other coffee houses in Budapest.

Lecso ingredients

Lecsó as a Verb

Lecsó as a noun is known in flippant company as the Hungarian ratatouille, the dish that's not really a stew, not a soup, not exactly a side dish, but somehow takes characteristics of all these.

Szalonna: Call It Delicious, Just Don’t Call It Bacon

Every now and again a word gets mistranslated, and that mistranslation is picked up on and replicated until it’s been hopelessly absorbed into common usage.

Discovering Tokaj’s Sweet Secrets: At Home in Erdőbénye

Winemakers in Tokaj are singularly obsessed with a fungus called botrytis. And I had become fascinated by these winemakers who go to such lengths and expense to make this traditional wine.

That’ll Do Pig: The Marvelous Rise of Mangalica

If you haven’t heard of Mangalica, don’t feel left out. The fact that there is any of it at all is a small miracle.

The Ever-Popular Old School Fröccs

When the weather gets hot in Hungary, fröccs season is on. A refreshing mixture of soda water and wine, it's the ultimate summer go-to drink. 

Tokaji aszu old vintage 1956

The 1956 Tokaj Aszú: A Wine With A Long Finish

The 1956 vintage was a good one in Tokaj. But 1956 didn’t go down in the history books for the great quality of botrytis in Tokaj, rather because of the revolution that began on October 23rd.

Hungarian paprika peppers

Hungarian Paprika: The Essential Red Spice

If there is one ingredient that Hungary is undeniably associated with, it's paprika. It symbolizes Hungarian cuisine and is an essential component of some of the best-known Hungarian dishes.

Tokaj Jewish Wine Heritage_Zimmerman_Aszu

The Lost World of The Jewish Wine Trade in Hungary (and The Old Habsburg Empire) Part I.

This story of how the Hungarian (and Central European) wine trade functioned before the two world wars and communism is not a well-known one.

Christmas in Hungary

You can tell Christmas is coming in Hungary when cukrászdas begin stockpiling bejglis. Whether filled with poppyseed or walnuts, these cylindrical shaped cakes are the essence of Hungarian Christmas.

Husleves with bone marrow_Taste Hungary

Sunday Lunch in Hungary

Sunday lunch is practically a sacred ritual in Hungary. This I learned when I found myself sitting at a table set under towering chestnut trees, eating the kind of meal I usually only ate on holidays....

Tokaj Jewish Wine Heritage_Flegmann

The Lost World of The Jewish Wine Trade in Hungary (and The Old Habsburg Empire), Part II.

What happened before the takeover of the state-owned coops in Hungary, which lasted more than forty years (and devastated Hungarian wine)?

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