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Thursdays @The Tasting Table

Thursdays @The Tasting Table

Thursdays @The Tasting Table events are when we get to introduce our guests to some of the fascinating people who we cross paths with while exploring the region’s food and wine. We invite them into our open kitchen to cook, or into our tasting room to pour and discuss their wines. Our guest hosts can include chefs, winemakers, authors, sommeliers, photographers, food enthusiasts, or others who have something to share. These casual evenings have somewhat of a speakeasy vibe, with everyone gathering around big communal tables and food served family-style. Wine is poured generously, and the events are all about enjoying great food and wine in the company of people who like to share their passions. Space is limited for each event and advance booking is required.

Note: We are happy to accommodate dietary restrictions, food allergies, and vegetarian substitutes, but we must know in advance! All of our events are always in English. In the case that one of our featured guests does not speak English, everything will be translated. Menus may be changed due to availability of ingredients (though we will always announce changes here).

Price: 9,900 HUF per person (includes all food and drinks)

All guests receive 10% off of all wines purchased at the Tasting Table on the night of the event!


Blind wine tasting dinner

Thursday March 9th, 7pm
Dinner and Blind Wine Tasting with Wine Writer Daniel Ercsey

Join us for an evening devoted to Central European wines with one of Hungary’s leading wine writers, Dániel Ercsey. Dániel has a special interest in wines from the entire Central European region, and he is a fantastic storyteller. He travels widely (and often) throughout the region to research and write articles for his award-winning web site, Wine Sofa, among others. Tonight we will serve eight wines—two furmints, two olaszrizlings, two kékfrankos, and two sweet wines (plus a few surprises)—along with a meal prepared by chef Tamás. To illustrate the many unique terroirs in this part of the world, we’ll serve the wine blind in pairs. Each pair will include one Hungarian wine next to a wine made from the same grape from another Central European country. By drinking wines made from the same grape varietal from two different countries, you’ll taste both the differences and the similarities in them. Just as the histories and cultures of Central and Eastern European countries are so often interconnected, so too are the grape varieties, the winemaking traditions, and the styles. Daniel will tell us about the wines we are drinking, the regions where they originated, and the winemakers who made them. He’ll also reveal the inspiration behind Wine Sofa, as well as stories from his travels (including his long kayaking wine journeys). Daniel is also a co-author of The Great Hungarian Wine Atlas, has contributed to many other wine publications, and is a frequent judge at international wine competitions.

Smoked trout with horseradish sauce and green salad
Lamb paprika with sztrapacska
“Emperor’s crumbs” with apricot sauce

Blind pairings will include:
2 furmints
2 olaszrizlings
2 kékfrankos
2 sweet wines


Winemaker Dinner with Erzsébet Winery

Thursday March 23rd, 7pm
Winemaker Dinner with Erzsébet Winery (Tokaj)

Though Tokaj is famed for its sweet wines, but it’s a region with more intricacies than practically any other region in the world, and is becoming increasingly appreciated for its dry furmints. Hajni Prácser, from Erzsébet Pince, is one of the best people from Tokaj to explain these layers of detail, which have been evolving over centuries. Erzsébet is one of Tokaj’s leading small wineries. It’s a true family-affair, run by Hajni, her brother (Miki), and their parents. It also doesn’t hurt that Hajni’s husband is a Master of Wine and a Master Sommelier, who helps behind the scenes. While Hajni sells the wine, Miki is busy in the mould-covered cellar making the wine, and their parents (Miklós Sr. and Erzsébet) reign over the vineyards. Both siblings are well-traveled, but decided to remain in their hometown to focus on making top-notch wine and build the family business. Hajni will present a selection of her family’s wines (ranging from dry to sweet), while chef Tamás prepares a meal to complement these extraordinary volcanic wines. Erzsébet Pince is located in the center of Tokaj, in an 18th century building which once belonged to a Russian wine merchant. Their wonderful cellar is a magical place, filled with bottles in all shades of gold. Hajni is an exceptional storyteller who is talented at converting wine drinkers to Tokaj lovers. She’ll introduce the region and the terroir, while telling us her family’s story and explaining the winemaking process in Tokaj, including all of the aspects that make it so unique in the world of wine.

Chicken liver paté with pistachios and green salad
Roasted mangalica with potatoes and roasted vegetables
Rákóczi túrós (Hungarian pastry with curd cheese, meringue, and apricot jam)

Lunée 2015
Zafír 2011
Zafír 2012
Betsek 2014
Fordítás 2013
Tokaji aszú 6 puttonyos 2010


Winemaker Dinner with St. Andrea Winery (Eger)

Thursday April 6th, 7pm
Winemaker Dinner with St. Andrea Winery (Eger)

There are iconic winemakers, wines, and wineries in every country. These icons are important because they set high standards both for winemakers and consumers. Icons play a big role in inspiring travelers to come visit, and they can really boost the development of an emerging region. One such example in Hungary is the St. Andrea winery in Eger and its winemaker, György Lőrincz Sr. The winery and winemaker are icons, and so are many of their wines. For those who live in Hungary, the names of St. Andrea’s wines—such as Napbor, Áldás, and Merengő—are instantly familiar. They have become iconic labels that set standards and expectations high. Tonight György Lőrincz Jr. will present the family’s wines and tell their stories. György is one of those young winemakers who set out for years of traveling and making wine around the world, and then returned to Hungary to rediscover his heritage and work full-time at the winery. We’ll learn about these iconic wines straight from the source. He’ll tell us about Eger’s famed red wine blend, Bull’s Blood, and it’s newer white wine blend, Egri Csillag. He’ll also explain the history of winemaking in Eger, and tell us why it is once again on the rise. Easter is approaching and chef Tamás will prepare a Hungarian Easter-themed lamb dinner. Join us to taste some of Hungary’s most sought-after wines, introduced by one of the country’s most promising young winemakers.

Selection of local ham (dried, cured, and boiled) with horseradish cream and smoked quail eggs
Roasted leg of lamb with anchovies and rosemary, rosemary potatoes, roasted tomatoes and zucchini
Chocolate linzer cake with tonka beans and berry sauce

Pinot noir


Winemaker Dinner with Somlói Vándor Winery (Winemaker Tamás Kis) from Somló

Thursday April 20th, 7pm
Winemaker Dinner with Somlói Vándor Winery (Winemaker Tamás Kis) from Somló

We first met Tamás Kis several years ago when he was an assistant winemaker at St. Andrea Winery in Eger. As he masterfully discussed the Eger region, he revealed his dream of starting a boutique cellar in a very different wine region. He wanted to make wine in Somló—his favorite region in Hungary—and it didn’t take him too long to realize his dream. Tamás made his first barrel of wine in Somló in 2010, and has increased the quantity every year since. He split his time between Somló and Eger for years, which is how he came up with his winery’s name—Somlói Vándor translates as “The Wanderer of Somló.” The region is Hungary’s second smallest wine region, and it pretty much comprises one vineyard-covered hill. Somlói Vándor is a promising winery to watch. Somló produces some of Hungary’s most exciting wines, yet it’s also a region which is steeped in traditions. Somló is one of the two volcanic Hungarian regions where furmint is a dominant grape variety (Tokaj is the other). It’s also home to unique local grapes like olaszrizling (welschriesling), juhfark, and hárslevelű. Though almost exclusively white wines are produced in Somló, don’t assume that these are lightweight wines! These are full-bodied and complex wines. With their heavy minerality and sharp acidity, these wines stand up to the roasted duck which chef Tamás will serve. Join us to learn about this undiscovered terroir with winemaker Tamás Kis, while tasting wines from his portfolio.

Duck breast salad with balsamic vinaigrette and berries
Rabbit in game sauce with bread pudding
Aranygaluska (yeast-raised dumplings) with wine sauce

Sauvignon blanc 2015
Hárslevelű 2015
Furmint 2015
Olaszrizling 2015
Juhfark 2015
Kabar 2015


Winemaker Dinner with Heimann Winery (Szekszárd)

Thursday May 4th, 7pm
Winemaker Dinner with Heimann Winery (Szekszárd)

The Heimann family from Szekszárd is one of Hungary’s most esteemed new-old winemaking families. Like many Szekszárd families, they are of Swabian origin and have been living in Szekszárd since the mid 1700s. The wine estate was only founded in the early 2000s, but it quickly took off and the family—particularly Zoltán Heimann Sr.—have become well known personalities in the local wine scene. Tonight, Zoltán Heimann Jr. joins us to introduce us to Szekszárd and his family’s wines. Zoltán works closely with his father and mother, Agnés, in running and building the family’s winery, which now comprises 23 hectares of vineyards. In the past Szekszárd has been in the shadow of it’s neighbor, Villány, but the region has worked hard to catch up. And it shows. Like Villány, red wines dominate in this region, and they are among the country’s finest examples. Like all good Szekszárd producers, the Heimanns make kékfrankos, kadarka, crisp rosé, and a number of different premium blends using merlot, syrah and local varietals. Zoltán Jr. previously spent six years building his winemaking knowledge by studying in Geisenberg, and working in Montpellier and Udine. He’s bringing a good selection of the family’s wines along with his stories from Szekszárd. Chef Tamás will prepare a meal to complement these wonderful wines. Join us for some great wine, food, and getting to know Szekszárd.

Guinea fowl consommé with vegetables
Roasted pork tenderloin, egg barley with lecsó, and pickles
Plum pie

Fuxli 2015
Kadarka 2015
Alte Reben kékfrankos 2014
Stílusgyakorlat tannat 2014
Szekszárdi Bikavér 2014
Barbár 2013


Hungarian Craft Beer Pairing Dinner

Thursday May 18th, 7pm
Hungarian Craft Beer Pairing Dinner

We talk a lot about Hungarian wine, and not enough about another exciting part of the drink scene in Hungary—the rise of craft beer. While big name beer companies dominate the market, drinking beer in Hungary has become more interesting because of the recent boom in small-scale brewing. Our beer expert (who also guides our beer tours and leads beer tastings at The Tasting Table), Carsten Olm, is our guest tonight. He has immersed himself not only in all aspects of the local beer scene—like knowing all of the best beer joints and the latest product releases—but also in the science of beer brewing (he’s a home brewer). Carsten will introduce us to nine really special local beers which are barely found outside of Budapest. In addition to telling us about how this craft beer revolution started in Hungary, he’ll also go into some background about beer production and methods, the differences between styles, and unusual ingredients (such as coffee and Tokaji aszú). There are micro-breweries across the country, too many craft beers to count, craft beer festivals, bars (and trucks) dedicated to craft beer, and legions of loyal fans. There’s everything from pale ale, stout, and wheat beer to a variety of fruit beers and local specialties. By the end of the evening you’ll have a good understanding about how this all happened. You’ll be able to answer the questions: how is beer made, what makes good beer, and who makes good beer in Hungary? Wine and food pairing gets plenty of attention, and tonight chef Tamás will prepare us a meal proving that beer and food pairing is an equally exciting idea.

Selection of sausage (white, chorizo, mini Debreceni) with mustard, horseradish, bread, and arugula salad
Crispy beer roasted pork tenderloin, sage roasted potatoes, roasted tomatoes and fennel
Chocolate linzer cake with tonka beans and berry sauce

Hedon Vertigo (lager with Amarillo hops)
Horizont Japanese Wheat (German style wheat beer with Japanese Sorachi Ace hops)
Hedon Credo (IPA, SMaSH — single malt and single hop)
Legenda Sour Trois Cuvée (sour beer)
Coffee beer (TBA)
Hedon Charlie Firpo (rye APA)
MONYO Black Alligator (dark Saison with alligator pepper)
Horizont Vanilla Milk Porter
Imperial Stout (TBA)


Save The Dates … 2017

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Thursday June 1st

All about Furmint: Dinner and Tasting with Wine Writer Robert Smyth
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Winemaker Dinner with Kreinbacher Winery (Somló)
Thursday June 29th

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