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Thursdays @The Tasting Table

Thursdays @The Tasting Table

Thursdays @The Tasting Table events are when we get to introduce our guests to some of the fascinating people who we cross paths with while exploring the region’s food and wine. We invite them into our open kitchen to cook, or into our tasting room to pour and discuss their wines. Our guest hosts can include chefs, winemakers, authors, sommeliers, photographers, food enthusiasts, or others who have something to share. These casual evenings have somewhat of a speakeasy vibe, with everyone gathering around big communal tables and food served family-style. Wine is poured generously, and the events are all about enjoying great food and wine in the company of people who like to share their passions. Space is limited for each event and advance booking is required.

Note: We are happy to accommodate dietary restrictions, food allergies, and vegetarian substitutes, but we must know in advance! All of our events are always in English. In the case that one of our featured guests does not speak English, everything will be translated. Menus may be changed due to availability of ingredients (though we will always announce changes here).

Price: 9,900 HUF per person (includes all food and drinks)

All guests receive 10% off of all wines purchased at the Tasting Table on the night of the event!


Winemaker Dinner with Jackfall Winery (Villány)

Thursday May 4th, 7pm
Winemaker Dinner with Jackfall Winery (Villány)

While the name Jackfall might suggest a big winery in California, Australia, or some other English-speaking country, the name Jackfall is actually the old Swabian name of the Kisjakabfalva village, located in the Villány region. Tonight we welcome the Jackfall Winery as our guests. Owner Gábor Jandrasics and winemaker András Koszeli will join us to present the winery, the region, and a selection of their wonderfully elegant wines (to accompany the meal prepared by chef Tamas). Founded in 2001, the winery took the name Jackfall (pronounced Yaackfahl), and now works on more than 13 hectares of vineyards. This southernmost Hungarian wine region is known for its elegant full-bodied red wines, particularly Bordeaux varietals and blends. Jackfall produces about 100,000 bottles of wine annually, in a wide range of styles from light chardonnay and crisp rosé to elegant Portugieser and heavier reds like cabernets and merlots. Winemaking in Villány actually traces back to the ancient Roman times, but the region’s modern wine culture goes back to the German-speaking settlers sent here in the 1700s by Maria Theresa. Many of the descendants of these settlers still live in the region, and some are winemakers—like József Bock, who was actually born in the house where the Jackfall winery is located today, who became one of the pioneers of modern-day Hungarian winemaking in the 1990s after the fall of Communism. Join us for an evening of good food and Villány wines from Jackfall!

Guinea fowl consommé with vegetables
Roasted pork tenderloin, egg barley with lecsó, and pickles
Plum pie

Prémium Chardonnay 2015
Classicus Rozé 2016
Prémium Portugieser 2013
Prémium Grand 2009
Classicus Villányi Syrah 2012
Prémium Pillangó (Cab Sauvignon) 2009


Hungarian Craft Beer Pairing Dinner

Thursday May 18th, 7pm
Hungarian Craft Beer Pairing Dinner

We talk a lot about Hungarian wine, and not enough about another exciting part of the drink scene in Hungary—the rise of craft beer. While big name beer companies dominate the market, drinking beer in Hungary has become more interesting because of the recent boom in small-scale brewing. Our beer expert (who also guides our beer tours and leads beer tastings at The Tasting Table), Carsten Olm, is our guest tonight. He has immersed himself not only in all aspects of the local beer scene—like knowing all of the best beer joints and the latest product releases—but also in the science of beer brewing (he’s a home brewer). Carsten will introduce us to nine really special local beers which are barely found outside of Budapest. In addition to telling us about how this craft beer revolution started in Hungary, he’ll also go into some background about beer production and methods, the differences between styles, and unusual ingredients (such as coffee and Tokaji aszú). There are micro-breweries across the country, too many craft beers to count, craft beer festivals, bars (and trucks) dedicated to craft beer, and legions of loyal fans. There’s everything from pale ale, stout, and wheat beer to a variety of fruit beers and local specialties. By the end of the evening you’ll have a good understanding about how this all happened. You’ll be able to answer the questions: how is beer made, what makes good beer, and who makes good beer in Hungary? Wine and food pairing gets plenty of attention, and tonight chef Tamás will prepare us a meal proving that beer and food pairing is an equally exciting idea.

Selection of sausage (white, chorizo, mini Debreceni) with mustard, horseradish, bread, and arugula salad
Crispy beer roasted pork tenderloin, sage roasted potatoes, roasted tomatoes and fennel
Chocolate linzer cake with tonka beans and berry sauce

Hedon Vertigo (lager with Amarillo hops)
Horizont Japanese Wheat (German style wheat beer with Japanese Sorachi Ace hops)
Hedon Credo (IPA, SMaSH — single malt and single hop)
Legenda Sour Trois Cuvée (sour beer)
Coffee beer (TBA)
Hedon Charlie Firpo (rye APA)
MONYO Black Alligator (dark Saison with alligator pepper)
Horizont Vanilla Milk Porter
Imperial Stout (TBA)


 Winemaker Dinner with Krisztina Csetvei (Mór)

Thursday June 1st, 7pm
Winemaker Dinner with Krisztina Csetvei (Mór)

Northwest Hungary holds some of Hungary’s smallest wine regions—namely Somló, Etyek, Pannonhalma, and Mór—and this week we’ll be focusing on the tiny Mór region. Though Mór is only about an hours drive from Budapest, in the rolling Transdanubian hills, it’s still little-known (even in Hungary). This week we are welcoming our first-ever winemaker from this region, Krisztina Csetvei, who is seen as one of the region’s rising stars. In her previous life Krisztina studied engineering and business, and had a short and successful corporate career. In 2011 she decided to follow her passion for wine and started a winery in Mór which is now in its fifth harvest. Chef Tamás has long been telling us about the big feasts he cooks for Krisztina at an annual party at her cellar in Mór.. Mór is a largely white wine producing region, and Tamás likes to prepare light dishes that really let the wine shine. As we taste six of Krisztina’s wines—including ezerjó, the flagship wine of this obscure region—she’ll tell us the story of what it takes to build a winery from scratch, and why she chose to do it in the Mór region. If you never heard of these grapes, come and join us to taste and learn about these local curiosities!

Asparagus salad with herbs
Roasted chicken with tarragon butter and lime, new potatoes and chives
Vargabéles cake

Móri Királyleányka 2015
Móri Ezerjó 2015
Móri Chardonnay 2015
Móri Szürkebarát 2015
Napholdcsillag 2015
Nagy-Somlói Olaszrizling 2015

 All About Furmint: Master Class and Tasting with Wine Writer Robert Smyth

Thursday June 15th, 7pm
All About Furmint: Master Class and Tasting with Wine Writer Robert Smyth

Join us as wine writer Robert Smyth, author of the book Hungarian Wine: A Tasting Trip to the New Old World, introduces furmint, one of the flagship wines of Hungary. Hungarians have always loved furmint, but these days it’s more popular than ever. It grows in several regions in Hungary (as well as in other nearby countries), but really dominates in Tokaj and Somló. We’ll taste several furmints in various styles from these two regions, as well as one from Northern Balaton, where it grows in small quantities. Robert will explain how furmint’s characteristics—being a late-ripening varietal with sharp acidity and strong tannins—make it excellent for sweet wine production (it is the backbone of the world famous aszú, Hungary’s famed sweet wine). As one of Hungary’s leading wine writers, Robert has tasted countless furmints, and has seen how styles have evolved over the years as dry furmint has boomed in popularity. The real beauty of furmint is its versatility. It’s a grape that can result in very different wines depending on its terrior, when it was harvested, the winemaking process, and its aging. Some furmints have crisp acidity and grapefruit aromas, making them perfect aperitifs. Furmint can also result in medium-bodied, oak-aged wines which go well with roasts or stews. In Somló’s volcanic soil, furmint makes a heavier wine with flinty aromas that recall the smell of wet stones after it rains. Tonight we’ll sample a range of these furmint styles, as Robert explains why this year has been dubbed “the year of furmint” in Hungary.

A variety of local cheese, charcuterie, and tapas

8 Furmints from Tokaj, Somló, and Balaton

 Winemaker Dinner with Kreinbacher Winery (Somló)

Thursday June 29th, 7pm
Winemaker Dinner with Kreinbacher Winery (Somló)

“These are wines of consequence; demanding and authoritative. The best can age for decades,” writes John Szabo, a Canadian-Hungarian Master Sommelier, about Somló wines in his recently published Volcanic Wines book. Tonight we will taste some of these wines with Kreinbacher Winery, one of Somló’s largest. Kreinbacher was founded in the early 2000s and now own 40 hectares of vineyards on Somló hill (which is a rarity in this region where most producers work on just a few hectares). Somló’s history started four to five million years ago when solidified volcanic lava emerged from the soil of the ancient dried-out Pannonian Sea, creating a basalt hill made of steel-hard volcanic rock. This is today’s Somló hill, which sticks out from the rest of the landscape because of it’s flat cap. Its hillsides are covered with vineyards and small houses, mainly used as weekend houses for the vineyard owners. There are just a handful of permanent residents. In addition to making lovely versions of signature Somló varietals like furmint, juhfark, tramini, and olaszrizling, Kreinbacher has also become well-known for some its wines which are not typical of the region. Its syrah (one of the few reds made on the hill) has been widely praised, and lately Kreinbacher has been in the limelight for its traditional method sparkling wines (made with the help of a French consultant from Champagne). This sparkling wine is a favorite at The Tasting Table, and we are in full agreement (with many others) that it’s probably Hungary’s best sparkling wine. We’ll taste these delicious bubbles, among others. For dinner tonight, Chef Tamás will be highlighting some of our wonderful local cheese with a special cheese menu. Join us to taste these beautiful volcanic wines, and to learn about the Somló region from the perspective of its largest winery.

Cheese soup with croutons and paprika salsa
Trio of grilled gomolya trio (natural, smoked, and sheep-mil) over a mixed salad
Buttermilk cake

Brut Classic NV
Furmint 2015
Juhfark 2015
Öreg tőkék bora 2008
Syrah 2013
Prestige Brut Magnum 2011


Thursday July 13th
Winemaker Dinner with Szent Donát Winery (Balaton)

Thursday July 27th
Guest winemaker: to be announced soon

Thursday August 10th
Guest winemaker: to be announced soon

Thursday August 24th
Guest winemaker: to be announced soon

Thursday September 7th
Winemaker Dinner with Zsolt Berger (Tokaj)

Thursday September 21st
Guest winemaker: to be announced soon

Thursday October 5th
Winemaker Dinner with Péter Vida Jr. (Szekszárd)

Thursday October 19th
Winemaker Dinner with Gróf Buttler (Eger)

Thursday November 2nd
Winemaker Dinner with Szabolcs Újfalussy from Oremus
(Tokaj) with a St. Martin’s Day Goose Feast

Thursday November 16th
Guest winemaker: to be announced soon

Thursday November 30th
Winemaker Dinner with Horst Hummel (Villány)

Thursday December 14th
Traditional Christmas Dinner Royal Tokaji (Tokaj)


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