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Jewish-Hungarian Dinner at Home


Mainstream Hungarian cuisine has long been influenced by traditional Jewish cooking. This traditional home-cooked Jewish-Hungarian dinner at the home of rabbi’s wife—who is also a cookbook author and, needless to say, a fabulous cook—will be both a culinary, and a cultural, experience to remember.

Jews have lived in Hungary for many centuries and from Jewish restaurants serving pork and using paprika with a heavy hand to Hungarian restaurants offering matzo ball soup, roasted goose, and cholent, there is a definite mingling of the two cuisines. Beginning with a taste of the hostess’ own home-distilled pálinka, and ending with an expertly-prepared flodni, this dinner will feature such Hungarian-Jewish dishes as foie gras, eggplant spread, roasted goose leg, roasted beef tongue with horseradish sauce, and seasonal dishes such as gefilte fish in the summer and fish aspic in the winter. You’ll have the chance to take a look around your hostess’ lovely classic (and centrally-located) apartment, which is filled with antiques and floor-to-ceiling shelves are lined with religious books collected over the years. During the course of the dinner, your Taste Hungary guide will discuss the history, culture, and culinary traditions of Budapest’s Jews—both past and present. Since the setting is so intimate, you will have the chance to ask your hostess whatever questions you may have, either about the recipes or Jewish life in Budapest.


Learn—Discover the rich and varied Hungarian-Jewish cuisine over a home-cooked dinner and through discussions with your hostess and your Taste Hungary guide. Feel free to ask questions!

Experience—A unique opportunity to experience Hungarian hospitality, taste new Jewish-Hungarian dishes, and dine in the beautiful home of a leader in the Jewish community.

Taste—Taste a variety of authentic, delicious Jewish-Hungarian dishes prepared by a fabulous home cook (and cookbook author).





4-5 people: $150 USD per person
6-7 people: $125 USD per person
8-9 people: $115 USD per person
10-12 people: $90 USD per person

The Details:
• Three-hour event (approximately), timing is flexible
• In order to run the event a minimum of four participants is needed
• Includes a generous multi-course dinner with pálinka, plenty of wine, and mineral water
• You will receive a packet with a few Jewish-Hungarian recipes to cook at home
• Note: This is not a cooking class!


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