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Food & Wine Tour to Hungary with Zingerman’s

From fine restaurants and home kitchens, to mould-covered wine cellars and paprika makers—our culinary exploration will get you to the soul of Hungarian food. SOLD OUT!

An In-Depth Food and Wine Adventure in Hungary

Since 2013 we have been organizing Central European food and wine vacations in partnership with Zingerman’s Food Tours. These tours are designed to take you to the source of the region’s food and wine culture, connecting you to the history of the region, the spirit of its people, and the rhythm of daily life. This tour will be guided by Gábor Bánfalvi (Taste Hungary co-founder) and the Zingerman’s food tour manager. You can read much more about the tour—including the food, the itinerary, and the locations—on the Zingerman’s site (or you can contact us with any questions). Read more about how we got involved with Zingerman’s.

Join us on a food and wine adventure to Hungary with Zingerman’s Food Tours. The trip will include time spent in Budapest and several different wine regions (including Tokaj), where we’ll take you behind the scenes and introduce foods and experiences that will connect you to the region, including learning to bake Hungarian desserts at one of Budapest’s oldest bakeries, exploring the Central Market Hall, cruising the Danube at sunset with sparkling wine, home-cooked feasts in spectacular homes, visiting wineries and a pálinka distillery, meeting Mangalica pigs, and much more.

Tasting Notes

We’ll eat and drink our fill of amazing local food and wines! And immerse ourselves in the culture and cuisine of Hungary as we explore the city of Budapest, nearby villages, and the countryside, and pay behind-the-scenes visits to some of the best artisanal producers.

Early on in the tour we will stroll the incredible central food market of Budapest, for a crash course in all the local ingredients.

We will visit cheesemakers in the hills outside Tokaj, including one who also makes jams and traditional fruit syrups. We’ll learn about the heirloom breeds of animals still raised in the Hungarian countryside, and about the traditional cured meats. We will visit a family-run paprika producer. We will watch Hungarian pastry- and bread-makers create their celebrated treats, and get to sample them too of course! And visit several small wine makers – from dry whites to the famous sweet Tokaj aszú wines.

We will enjoy a cooking class at one of the wineries, to learn how to make several traditional dishes. And for those who wish to, we will try our hands at bacon-roasting, a favorite warm-weather activity in Hungary!

  • Best Contribution to Wine & Spirits Tourism

  • Best Wine Tour Operator (2017)

  • Certificate of Excellence Winner (2011-2017)