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Culinary Walk

Morning at the Central Market Hall, Budapest, Hungary

There is no better way to begin any exploration of Budapest than with its food and drinks. Our food, wine, and cultural walking and tasting tour begins at The Central Market Hall—Budapest’s cathedral of food—and continues through one of its most delicious and charming neighborhoods. Be sure to come with an appetite. You will need it on this tour!

The Central Market Hall, one of Europe’s largest and most spectacular indoor markets, is a natural place to begin getting acquainted with Hungarian food. Here you will get an introduction to the culture of Hungarian cuisine through the great variety and abundance of ingredients (which are mostly local and seasonal) on display. We will discuss the history of the building, the culture of eating and drinking in Hungary, and just what it is that Hungarian home cooks do with all of that pork fat, paprika, and goose liver. From there, we will visit a few more places in the surrounding neighborhoods, which could include (depending on the day of the week): a spice shop, a kosher bakery, a coffee house, a candy manufacturer, or an artisan chocolate shop. We will visit a butcher shop where we will sample several traditional Hungarian dishes, and afterwards we will visit a traditional patisserie to sample some of the elegant cakes for which Hungarian bakers are known. By this time you’ll be ready for a glass (or three) of wine. The finalé will be a wine tasting session in which we will taste three quintessential Hungarian wines and get an introduction to the Hungarian wine regions, varietals, and styles. This tour will give you a taste of the traditional side of Hungarian cuisine, as well as the modern artisan producers and specialty food shops which are spicing up Budapest’s food scene.


Note: On Sundays the route differs. Please click on the Sundays tab for details.

SPECIAL OFFER! We recommend pairing this tour with our Budapest Grand Walk. Book the two experiences together and receive a 10% discount on both (discount will be automatically applied during the booking process)! 

Learn—Discover Hungarian food and wine, from the raw ingredients through the most delicious dishes and wines. Learn about the history of the market, the ingredients, and the recipes.
Experience—Eating and drinking like a local.
Wine—Put the Hungarian wine scene in context as you taste three wines, while discussing the state of Hungarian winemaking, some of the important regions, and the major varietals.
See—The tour will provide a thorough tour of the different stalls and sections of Budapest’s largest food market, followed by a walk through the surrounding neighborhood (one of Pest’s most vibrant) and visits to several more venues.
Taste—You will have several tastings at the market, including a variety of local cheeses, cured meats, and pickled vegetables. Afterwards there will be a shared meal of traditional dishes, a tasting of several cakes, and one to two more tastings (depending on the day). Drinks which will be tasted include Unicum and three nice Hungarian wines. Come hungry, and don’t bother to make lunch plans afterwards!
Walk— Though there will be plenty of eating breaks, be prepared to cover a lot of ground on your feet during this four-hour tour.

Sunday Culinary Walk
Just because the Central Market (and many other places) are closed on Sundays, does not mean we should not eat, drink, and explore! The route is different on Sundays, but the goal is the same: to get a thorough introduction to the food and wine of Hungary, while tasting a variety of foods and drinks in the company of a food-specialized guide. The first stop is a farmer’s market with a unique location inside of a ruin bar. As we wander around the market, we will discus the culture of Hungarian food, the various ingredients, and the dishes and recipes commonly made from them. Here we will taste a selection of foods (and have a few drinks to fortify us). Next, we will have a traditional lunch, composed of a variety of dishes, annotated by your guide. The next stop is a classic coffeehouse / pastry shop where, over coffee and cake, our guide will explain the fascinating history of Budapest’s coffeehouses (which were once centers of literary life, until they were shut down during communism). Ducking into a few small shops along the way, the tour will conclude with a wine tasting: three quintessential fine local wines (a dry white, a dry red, and a sweet aszú from Tokaj), each paired with a different type of local artisan cheese. A sommelier will introduce the wines and the cheeses, and whet your thirst for Hungarian wine with an overview on of the country’s most important regions, varieties, and styles. Be sure to come with an appetite!

$90 USD per person ($40 per child) for a small-group tour
$140 USD per person for a private tour (for a group size of 2-6 people)

For larger groups please contact us for a customized price proposal. 

The Details
• Available most days at 10am, year-round (with the exception of national holidays).
• Four-hour tour
• Begins at the Central Market Hall, and continues on to four or five additional venues
• Can be booked as a small group (which means minimum of two guests and maximum of six guests) or private tour
• Tour is led by a food-specialized guide
• Sunday tours have a different route! Please be sure to read the description.
• Includes plenty of food and drink tastings (so we suggest not eating a large breakfast in order to save room for the food!)
• Our list of hand-picked favorite Budapest eating and drinking spots will be emailed to you after you book the tour!
• This is a walking tour, so be prepared (with comfortable shoes) to spend lots of time on your feet!

• BONUS: Get a 10% discount on all of the wines (and other products) at The Tasting Table, where you will end your tour with a wine tasting!

SPECIAL OFFER! We recommend pairing this tour with our Budapest Grand Walk. Book the two experiences together and receive a 10% discount on both (discount will be automatically applied during the booking process)! 

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