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Custom Programs

Here are some of the specialized group, corporate, and professional tours that we have organized in the past.

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• In June 2014 Carolyn and Gábor visited Zingerman’s in Ann Arbor, Michigan, to host three Hungarian-related events: a Hungarian wine tasting , a home-cooking demonstration, and a Hungarian dinner. Read an interview with Carolyn and Gábor about the events here. Read more about Zingerman’s extensive involvement with Hungarian cuisine. You can see a collection of photos from our visit here.

• We are partnering with Zingerman’s Food Tours to organize small group in-depth food tours in Hungary. The first 11-day (10-night) food tour was held in October 2013, the second one was in May 2015, and the next will be in May 2017.

• In May 2014 we organized a 10-day study tour focused on agriculture for a group of students from SUNY Cobleskill. The trip, which was for academic credit for the students, took them from seed companies and research institutes to indigenous animal farms and vineyards.

• When Zingerman’s decided that they wanted to start baking traditional Hungarian foods at their Anne Arbor, Michigan Bakehouse, they contacted us to assist them in their research. So far groups from the Bakehouse have visited Hungary three times, and we have organized everything from interviews with food historians and cooking with home cooks to cooking sessions at some of Budapest’s finest bakeries and restaurants, and even a trip to Transylvania which involved a pig slaughter.

• In 2013 we organized an amazing week in Tokaj, which included tastings at 25 top wineries in Tokaj, for a British wine club which has already toured the wine regions of the world.

• We regularly hold wine seminars at the Balassi Institute in Budapest for their international students coming to study Hungarian and Hungarian culture in Budapest.

• In 2012 we worked with Caroline Reutter, owner of Caroline’s Cakes, while she researched the life and work of József Dobos, one of Hungary’s most pastry chefs. While she was in Budapest filming her documentary on Dobos, we assisted her with everything from interpreting, research, and setting up the intensive days of shooting.

• We have worked with many journalists visiting Budapest, assisting them with research, translation,  interpretation, and guiding. The articles which have resulted from these trips have been published in publications such as Saveur, Passport newsletter, Sommelier Journal, and Huffington Post.

• We assisted the US television show Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern with their background research for their Hungary episode.

• We have organized wine tastings to accompany literary readings at Massolit Books and the American International School of Budapest.

• We have worked with US schools such as The Fletcher School (Tufts University) and St. Olaf College to organize programs for their large groups of students who were in Budapest for study abroad programs.

• We have organized special corporate wine tasting dinners and tours for multinational companies based in Budapest, including Exxon and Celanese.

• We have organized several different events featuring pálinka, including tasting dinners and annotated tastings.

• We have organized many special tasting dinners, accompanied by wine pairings, for clients at Budapest restaurants.

• For a client arriving late in the evening with young children, we organized a home-cooked dinner (with wine!) to be delivered to their accommodation.

• We have organized specialized tours for clients with unique interests (such as bee-keeping). And we have done pre-trip consulting for a client with a gluten-free diet who wanted to plan her meals and eating adventures around places where she could eat safely.

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